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Home Visit Registration

home Home Visit Registration

Home Visit Registration

The Maharashtra Registration Act includes a provision that allows the Sub-registrar to come to your home to register your document. To use this service, you must provide medical proof that you are unable to be transported to the Sub-office Registrar's in a wheelchair.

This is our opinion.

  • You must go to the sub-office; registrar's
  • You must make an application to the office stating that, in exceptional circumstances, the registering authority must come to your home;
  • Prepare witnesses, one of whom should be a medical professional.
  • nclude a medical certificate with the Will stating that the testator was medically fit to execute the Will.
  • Speak with a local lawyer and take action.

One sub-registrar who works evening duty will pay you a visit before his shift begins at 2 p.m. That is, between 12pm and 1pm, one of the two Sub-registrars will come to your home to register your will, and the next day, at the same time, he will deliver your registered will to you. You will be charged Rs. for this service.